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About Us


In the light of a very successful Conference – Affordable Housing Forum; “Changing Lives and Communities in Africa” in May 2017 in Liverpool, UK to address some of the underlying issues, Mbvoni Ltd was born.

Mbvoni is a private company limited by shares but committed to social values.


Mission Statement:


Mbvoni is a development vehicle focusing on affordable housing, better everyday living, promoting social values and wealth creation in communities through enterprise and technology transfer.


Our Values:


  • Creating opportunities
  • Integrity and equality
  • Delivering change
  • Passion for excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation


How do we aim to achieve the above?


  • Working with experts and others in the housing & construction field to explore and develop new and innovative technologies to improve standards and reduce building cost.
  • Bringing together vested interests (investors, consultants, developers, financiers, designers/architects, governments and others) to work with us and encourage them to invest in the industry.
  • Working with local communities/partners and encouraging the use of local materials where available and feasible to contribute to/ensure a balanced Eco system wherever we work or operate.
  • Training and empowering local communities/people to give them the skills necessary to develop themselves and their communities.
  • Working with governments/others to influence policies to ensure that all business operations meet high ethical standards.
  • Recognising that there is marginalisation and inequalities everywhere, we will create and take advantage of new opportunities in order to reduce poverty.

Find out more about the investment opportunities we can offer you.

Mbvoni Ltd believes that in order to achieve the new African Urban Agenda, we should aim to set global standards of achievable, sustainable, urban development and rethink the ways African countries build, manage and live in cities and communities.


Our commitment to delivering sustainable, social, housing is achievable and Mbvoni is taking the first of many steps in realising this vision. We are doing this with the understanding that too many African communities are disenfranchised and we believe that we can achieve transformation in housing in Africa through effective collaborations and partnerships.


The key aim and objective is to continuously find ways to reduce the cost of housing construction and make housing affordable, especially to the low-middle income groups in Africa. To this end we are developing a wide network of housing development organisations, construction industries, investors, research organisations, technology companies, governments, banking & finance, other related agencies both within and outside the UK.

We are constantly seeking out organisations which share all or some of our values to work with in the future including (click on name to visit the site):


Mbvoni Company Ltd will work with consultants to raise capital funding needed to execute joint venture projects where it is feasible to embed our principles of social and affordable housing in Africa.


It is also intended that any partners we work with will share our values and contribute to any projects we are involved in. Mbvoni anticipates that partners will contribute to and influence the wider debate and policy decisions in Africa to ensure that affordable housing becomes a realistic option for millions of Africans.


We will put in place proper monitoring processes, as we believe very strongly that our local partners and projects must be properly managed to achieve the intended objective.


Mbvoni’s commitment extends beyond building houses, we aim to create and develop sustainable and self-sufficient communities. Alongside any housing project we develop, we intend to provide skills training for the residents to help them maximise employment opportunities and small-medium scale enterprises.


We believe that Africans need and deserve affordable housing that is in line with their income. It is our view that greater access to social and affordable housing in Africa will offer a brighter future for millions of Africans who are currently living in poor, overcrowded, accommodation.

Get in touch today and we will be more than happy to assist with any enquiry.