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Board Of Directors


Alfred Salami

Alfred A. Salami MA, PGD, Dip


Alfred Salami is a founding director of Mbvoni & joined the company after being a member of the committee that set up the Affordable Housing forum from which Mbvoni was created.


He has over 20 years of experience working in the public, private & 3rd sectors. His record includes service as a Principal Officer with Liverpool City Council and another 10 years with a large housing association.


Alfred has extensive experience in corporate governance & has served on a number of boards as either the chair or a board member. His diverse background has given him an excellent understanding & knowledge of project, performance & general management, alongside human resources, diversity & community issues.

Baiba Dhidha Mjidho

Baiba Dhidha Mjidho


Baiba is an experienced executive with 31 years of executive work with Van Leer East Africa Ltd. During this time he carried out assignments in various African & European countries such as Holland, Belgium, UK, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Egypt and Tanzania.


He is passionate about empowerment of the marginalised, excluded and disadvantaged in society, which he found a means of expression for through his Rotary International membership and other community organisations.


In addition to Mbvoni, Baiba serves in various other capacities and is currently Secretary of the Kenya Community Association in Liverpool.

Colin Smith

Colin Smith


Colin was a member of the committee that set up the Affordable Housing forum from which Mbvoni was created and is one of its founding directors.


Colin has his own research consultancy business & is also the Content Director at Africa Alert, a news monitoring & alerting service that focuses on African economic & development topics.


Previously, Colin has held content management roles with Reuters & Dow Jones both in the UK & USA. He has an Economic History degree from Loughborough University.


Tony C. Obaigbona


Tony is a highly-experienced and respected figure in Engineering, the Corporate Real Estate industry and digital transformation of businesses, with over 30 years of applied management expertise.


Tony has worked in housing with several RSLs and housing associations in the UK and has also worked on several humanitarian projects and World Bank assisted development projects in Africa. Examples include the National Water Rehabilitation Programme, working with UTC (Engineering) Plc in Nigeria.


In addition, Tony has a very good understanding of the oil and gas industry and the global commodities trade. He has recently become a member of the Academy Digital Business Leaders, and is currently completing a course in Digital Leadership.

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